Who We Are


The vision of Commongene is to proliferate healthy life throughout the universe.


The mission of Commongene is to illuminate the human condition at the cellular, molecular and atomic level, in real-time.


We are a diverse group of visionaries, researchers, philosophers, law makers, ethicists, engineers, investors and business people who have come together for the purpose of living in a better world. Commongene.org is a New York based Not-For-Profit organization established in 2014. Commongene was founded by Daniel Roth and Paul Conroy.

Arcturus Eden, Executive Director
  • Managing Director, Aspire Rock
  • Associate, AGT International
  • Analyst, Commonfund Capital
  • B.S. Biology and MBA
Paul Conroy, Director of Technology
  • Founder/Director, Full Genomes
  • Lead Developer, Newsweek
  • Founder/CTO, Empire Tech FX
  • Consultant, Deutsche Bank
  • Senior Manager, Winstar Communications
  • B.S. Computer Science & Cert. in Bioinformatic Methods