How We Work

We bring people together and seek to create a unity of understanding and goals. By creating unity, we gain momentum to create one multi-national effort to carry out our agenda.

In order to illuminate the human condition at the atomic level, we want to see and understand ourselves at the molecular and cellular level. We want to see how our genes encode the building of proteins inside of us, in real-time.
Philosophy, Ethics and Laws

1. Philosophy

a. Genetics is the study of the code that creates and maintains life. If one cares about life, one should care about the code that makes life possible.

b. Understanding our genetics, inside our cells in real-time, at the molecular level and eventually at the atomic level, is fundamental to our long term existence.

c. Some of our traits as human beings enhance our survival and reproduction success while other traits inhibit these. Humanity should choose traits that promote survival and reproduction and eliminate traits that are inhibitory.

2. Ethics

a. We believe that every human being is entitled to benefit from understanding themselves at the fundamental levels of genes, molecules and atoms.

b. Openness and transparency are core values of our organization.

c. We want to create a global culture where choice resides within the individual.

3. Laws

We believe that laws exist in order to empower societies towards desired outcomes. Since countries’ laws governing genetic modification vary significantly, we must be cognizant of these specific differences. The reports cited in the online references below provide a detailed analysis of international policies on genetic modification techniques. Particular focus is given to the legal and ethical standards that have been adopted and the regulatory systems that exist to control and govern genetic modification.


In order to build one multi-national research effort with the purpose of illuminating the human condition at the atomic level, we are starting with one research project with the purpose of mapping every cell inside a living mammal. We are on a quest to identify state-of-the-art researchers in cellular imaging and mapping.

Homeostasis, or a steady state of normal, healthy functioning, is encoded in our genes. Gaining a complete understanding of how our genes work inside each one of our cells, will help us achieve a consistent state of good health and biochemical balance, allowing us to live our lives as we wish.
Business and Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurs recognize the potential for building companies to help humanity sustain healthy life. We connect entrepreneurs and business people with researchers and investors, through our network and contact base, and we organize meetings that encourage learning, collaboration and idea formation.

We believe that for-profit companies are the means by which the tools and techniques necessary to cause widespread adoption of advanced therapies into society will occur.
We have regular contact with the life sciences investment community. We bridge the gap between important research and commercial applications – for the purpose of building sustainable organizations that support our initiative.
Consumer Applications
We are focused on what individuals need and want to live better, more fulfilled, healthier and longer lives. We believe that there will be thousands of consumer applications in the field of genetics editing in the coming years and decades. At present, there are several companies building breakthrough applications in genetics that are revolutionizing the human experience.

We organize focus groups at which we survey individuals to learn what types of products and services they need and want. In many cases, people don’t yet know what they want in terms of a consumer application. What they do know, is that they want to avoid disease and to be healthy. We believe that consumer applications with mass market appeal, built on disruptive technologies like CRISPR, are the future of medicine and healthcare. Getting breakthrough science from the conception stage in the laboratory all the way to a consumer is a long process. It involves going through legal, ethical, moral, team building, and investment considerations with multiple constituents, and these often have differing opinions and preferences on what “good” means. We believe it is our job at Commongene to raise consumer awareness of all of the issues at stake, so that we can collectively navigate to a brighter future with consumer applications that benefit society in extraordinary ways.